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Love, Sweet Love

Love at Christmas Inn
​Collection 2

Coming Jan. 11!

LIKE A DANCE by Delia Latham
A former celebrity dancer with a child she adores. A successful but burnt-out therapist to Hollywood’s rich and famous. When they show up in Hummingbird Hollow at the same time, sparks fly…but they can’t fan the flames. She’s vowed to dedicate herself solely to her daughter. He has a long bloodline of reasons not to be a dad. They’re burning stars on a collision course. Will the result be a delight…or a disaster?

LANDING IN LOVE by Mary Manners
Erin Mulvaney is comfortable in front of both crowds and cameras. It’s the tango of one-on-one relationships—especially when it comes to men—that causes her tongue to tie. But when handsome widower Kyle Nolan arrives in Winding Ridge with his young daughter in tow, intent on renovating space at her family's restaurant, Erin has no choice but to put aside her fears as she oversees the project alongside him.

Heiress Micaela Stanford would donate her fortune to care for abandoned animals. When she meets the new vet with a passion for her beloved creatures, her heart’s already on the line. Murphy Denton doesn’t trust people, but Micaela’s generous spirit crushes his defenses. Can he trust God or will his dysfunctional past prevent them from a happily-ever-after?

GOOD BREAKS by Zoe M. McCarthy
Life has dealt a mammography tech and an entrepreneur bad breaks that have led them to a small North Carolina ski town. She, a people fixer, is fasting from romantic relationships. A new bad break introduces them. They share only the love of skiing until she helps him with a huge responsibility he brought with him to Birch Gap. Will she break her fast for him, or will she try to fix his flaws?

HEART OF HOPE by Tanya Hanson
He gave Bree her first kiss, but can he give her a future? She’s back but not to stay—until Akron steals her heart. For good this time. But his ranch is in financial trouble, and she’s a rich developer. A recipe for disaster. Until they find the missing ingredients of love, happiness, and hope when they help out together at a home for young women in need.

Look what's BRAND NEW!  It's been a two-year wait, but we've finally released  Collection 2 of the Love at Christmas Inn books, and we're so excited!

Four stories...
​Four award-winning authors.

This set of sweet, Christmas-themed novellas is available in Kindle format and in softcover!
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Never the Twain (Hummingbird Hollow,  #2)

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Smoky Mountain Christmas

Available in softcover ($6.99); as part of the Fall in Love Collection ($.99); or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

He’s laid back and fun-loving, with a streak of pure mischief. Ryder’s a good man, but not a Christian—not by a Texas mile. Cass can’t remember missing a single Sunday service since childhood. They’re the epitome of polar opposites, and never the twain shall meet…or so the saying goes. But things don’t always happen quite as one might expect in Hummingbird Hollow.
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Never the Twain by Delia Latham takes us on another journey to Hummingbird Hollow. A place where the impossible seems possible and the awe inspiring nature leaves a permanent mark on those who visit Inn the Hollow. 
​Delia Latham once again provides a loving and powerful story that not only entertains, but also ministers. Never the Twain is about love, danger, 
A REBIRTH! This is a second-time-around version of the Smoky Mountain Christmas collection, which first released in 2014 as individual books. NOW you can get all four stories, centered around the Buchanan family in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, in one collection. Ebook: $.99   Softcover edition: $10.99. Set includes:

Do You See What I See?  (Delia Latham)
Hometown Melodies (Amber Stockton)
Christmas Grace  (Rose Allen McCauley)
Sleigh Bells in the Snow  (Jeanie Smith Cash)
fear and second chances. It demonstrates that nothing is worth sacrificing your relationship with God. I invite you to take a trip to Hummingbird Hollow and experience for yourself the magic that happens there.

~~Reviewed by Deborah Stone for Readers' Favorite

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